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Introducing TAV

The Apprentice Voice is an organisation representing apprentices to initiate positive change within the apprenticeship system.


We do this by:

  • surveying apprentices;

  • carrying out research;

  • running campaigns;

  • and working with influential figures.


Our aim is to make apprenticeships fair, accessible and appealing to all apprentices.


Meet The Team

The Apprentice Voice team consists of three highly committed apprentices. Brought together by their shared values, the team are now determined to make apprenticeships fairer, more accessible and appealing to all. The team wishes to maintain contact with as many apprentices across England as possible and reassures you that the work they complete will be representative of all and shall be based on the opinions and views you provide them. Please find out more about the TAV team below.

Katie Fiddaman

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Katie is currently completing her Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship in Business Management at Pearson College London. Her job role is within Communications, Content and PR, focusing on social media, blogs, PR, website content and reporting. Katie has had various articles surrounding degree apprenticeships published in different media outlets, including Cosmopolitan magazine for example.


Outside of her immediate job role, Katie always volunteers to aid apprenticeships recruitment within work and outside, as part of the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network. She has represented the network at various events and is always keen to promote the value of an apprenticeship.

Dexter Hutchings

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Dexter completed his level 3 apprenticeship with the Edge Foundation in March 2018 and is now working towards his level 6 in Digital Marketing.


Dexter is a constant ambassador of apprenticeships and has spoken at numerous events. He has an essay published in the Learning and Work Institute’s report on the quality of and access to apprenticeships. An articulate and passionate advocate for apprenticeships, he was a member of the discussion panel at the report’s launch at the House of Commons and also spoke at the 2018 National Apprenticeship Awards.

Niamh Mulhall

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Niamh completed her level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at the Western Sussex NHS Trust in 2018 working as a Junior Doctor coordinator in 2017. She currently works for Pearson College London as a Data and Insight Assistant completing the level 6 Chartered Business Management degree apprenticeship.


With a clear passion for statistics and data Niamh strives to develop the quality of apprenticeships for all, whilst promoting and educating people on the value an apprenticeship can have.

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